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Charter Machine Company provides only the highest quality products, and world renowned customer service. Our products are among the highest echelon of dewatering equipment in the world. Dewatering plants around the world use our belt filter presses, and for good reason. We can manufacture your belt filter press specifically for your needs.

sentry.pressWe Can manufacture Your Belt Filter Press
Specifically For Your Needs.




Our Service Men Have Years Of Experience And
Knowledge With Our Machines
And Can Resolve Any Problems You May Find



 Live On Site Support Guarantees Your Satisfaction

Our Products Are Among The Highest Echelon Of Dewatering Equipment In The World. 


Not only do we promise to deliver a high quality product, we offer help and support to aid you with your product. Our service men have years of experience and knowledge with our machines and can resolve any problems you may find. Live on site support guarantees your satisfaction. Along with Charter machines line of dewatering products we also offers a full service machine shop. From the smallest to the largest in modern CNC machines. 



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