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Tower Press - Treatment Plant Operator - Product Focus

Tower Press Product Focus

The Tower Press from Charter Machine Company is steered via a center pivot actuator, allowing the belts to be steered from the center and track better. Belt life with this design is over 4,000 hours of operation. The gravity section uses plows to furrow biosolids back and forth. These plows are all connected to a grid that is pneumatically/hydraulically controlled so that an operation only has to turn a switch to lift the entire grid off the press for cleaning and maintenance. This same feature is used for the discharge doctor blades. The operator just has to flip a switch and the blades release off of the belt for cleaning and maintenance. This gravity section is placed only 4 feet off the floor so no platforms and/or stairs are needed.

Why Choose Us?

As a leading U.S. manufacturer of wastewater and bio-solids management equipment, CMC offers unmatched capabilities to meet the diverse needs of this critical industry. Our extensive experience and expertise allow us to work closely with operators and engineers, ensuring our equipment delivers optimal functionality and reliability. Our comprehensive approach, from design and engineering to installation and after-sales support, establishes CMC as your trusted full-service supplier.