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Belt Conveyors

Idler Belt Conveyor

CMC's Idler Belt Conveyors are built for endurance. They handle large material loads and travel long distances without a hitch. Their troughing idlers effectively contain messy materials like screenings, sludge, or grit, keeping your operation clean and spill-free.

Slider Belt Conveyor

Charter's Slider Conveyor belts glide on cost-effective, easily replaceable UHMW slats instead of traditional idler rollers. This simple yet versatile design makes them an economical alternative to more complex conveyor options.

Transitional Belt Conveyor

Conquer loading and unloading challenges with the versatile Transitional Belt Conveyor. Its intuitive design features a bending belt path that navigates tight spaces and difficult angles, simplifying material handling.

Why Choose Us?

As a leading U.S. manufacturer of wastewater and bio-solids management equipment, CMC offers unmatched capabilities to meet the diverse needs of this critical industry. Our extensive experience and expertise allow us to work closely with operators and engineers, ensuring our equipment delivers optimal functionality and reliability. Our comprehensive approach, from design and engineering to installation and after-sales support, establishes CMC as your trusted full-service supplier.