Tower Press

Performance is in the details.
The gravity deck is positioned at eye level, allowing for accurate visual adjustments without the costly addition of catwalks, steps or risers around the Tower Press.  Available in 1.2, 1.7, or 2.2 meter units, the Tower Press features an elevated discharge that is over six feet from the base of the press allowing for easier design and access to conveying equipment.  Pneumatically operated doctor blades and plow lift assembly reduces labor and wash-down time.  Tower Press units are also available in short deck version where space is a premium. 


A lot of companies offer a belt filter press, but only Charter Machine Company offers the Tower Press. Its innovative design is leaps and bounds ahead of the industry, resulting in high cake solids, improved capture rate and excellent throughput.

Center pivot, fewer hassles.
The Tower Press features a revolutionary center pivot design that is Eur friendly and easier on belts.  The unique center pivot design improves belt alignment by adjusting both sides of the belt simultaneously for quicker performance over the life of the belt.
Maximum dryness.
Vertically aligned pressure rollers assure maximum cake dryness to minimize hauling and land fill fees.  The Charter Machine patented stainless steel drip pan design, positioned under each roller prevents re-wetting of the cake, keeping moisture content to a minimum.
Available Sizes
0.5 meter
1.2 meter
1.7 meter
2.2 meter


TP7.4 Tower Press
Small Capacity, Big Capabilities.
The TP7.4 Tower Press functions just like our Tower Press, but requires less space. 
It allows smaller facilities that have the same problems as larger plants, to have the same center-pivot design, same vertical arrangement of rollers and same individual drip pans.  All TP7.4 units are customized with a rotating gravity zone for smaller foot prints. This .7-meter unit is also available in our 15 roll Regent Model


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