Sentry Press

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The Sentry Press has proven to be the ideal solution for: Thin sludge feeds, high flow rates, maximum cake dryness.

This Press offers:sentryresized

incresed gravity belt speed
lower pressure section speed highest degree of belt wrap ...for maximum dewatering!

Also available in 304 “OR” 316 stainless steel

1.2 meter
1.7 meter
2.2 meter


Every component of the Sentry Press has been engineered for paramount funcionality:

  • Our traditional center pivot steering on both the gravity deck and the pressure section for imporved belt alignment
  • User friendly features such as the pneumatic actuated plow lift & doctor blade
  • Lowered gravity deck to eliminate the need for a viewing/maintenance platform
  • Gravity belt bearings guaranteed to last for the life of the unit
15 Roll Sentry Press on trailer
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