Regent Press

Our Regent Press 15 Roll is an enlarged version of the Tower Press.  Seven additional rollers (15 total) provide more retention time, allowing for additional shearing and pressure.  Depending on the solids processed, this could increase cake solids by 2 to 5 percent.

Built to Last.
Like our standard Tower Press, the Regent models are equipped with 1-piece solid pillow block bearing housings, self-aligning double row spherical bearings, with a quadruple lip seal.  The bearing housings are machined n-house for total quality control and coated with a 2-part epoxy base primer with 4 mil thickness and 2 finish coats of 2-part epoxy at 4 mil per coat dry film thickness.
All 3 sizes of the Regent Press include the same user-friendly features found in our Tower Press, such as ; center pivot, adjustable wedge zone, filtrate recycling option, high discharge and our patented pneumatically operated doctor blade and plow lift designs.

.5 meter
1.2 meter
1.7 meter
2.2 meter

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